Thank you for your interest in the Blackwater Sailing Club.

Please read these notes about BSC Membership, look at our Fees & Charges and read our Terms & Conditions of Membership and our Club Rules before completing your Application Form. You can also read about the information we need from you and what happens next to your Application Form. If you have any further questions we will be pleased to help. Contact details are at the bottom of the website Home page or contact the Hon Membership Secretary here.

  1. New Members are welcome and membership is available either through sponsorship by two full members or by interview with Officers of the Club if no members are known. We welcome visits from potential applicants.

  2. Cadet applicants must have at least one parent/legal guardian who is a Full or Honorary BSC member, or who is submitting a Membership application at the same time, and who will be deemed the Responsible Adult. Cadets are deemed to be sponsored by their Responsible Adult.

  3. Couples at the same address may apply for a discounted Joint rate. There is also a discounted Junior rate. On election to membership you will be allocated the best rate available to your family group.

  4. Our membership year is the calendar year (1 January to 31 December). The current annual Membership Subscription and Boat charges are listed below and these become payable upon election (entrance fees are currently waived).

  5. You will remain liable for membership fees and any boat charges for each subsequent year unless your written resignation has been received by the Hon. Treasurer by 31 December of the preceding year and any boats have been removed from site. Subsequent membership subscriptions (and any boat charges) are invoiced from 1 January. Your invoice is usually available from preceeding December and you may spread over 2 or 3 months, but your account must be fully settled by 1 March in each year to continue your membership and keep your registered boats at the club.

  6. We do not offer reduced fees for Members elected during the year, nor offer refunds for Members resigning during the year, but those elected after 1st September are not liable for subscription in the following year.

  7. Boat Charges apply to any boat kept at the Club for any part of the year and are payable in advance. All boats must be registered to a membership account and any new boats or changes in ownership must be notified to the Hon. Treasurer within 14 days.

  8. Finally, we respectfully remind applicants that the BSC is a self-help club, run by Volunteer Club Officials for the benefit of the Club membership as a whole. Please help it to run smoothly by keeping contact and boat details updated, replying promptly to any Club communication asking for action and paying invoices promptly. Club Officials much prefer spending their own time sailing, not chasing after inconsiderate members!Click here to return to online application form.

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