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BSC cadet bOATS

BSC supports a large range of boats for handicap racing. For Cadet training we only support the following boats, these boats have been chosen as the boats are still in production, there is a large fleet of secondhand boats available and they are recognised as RYA pathway boats.
Cadets can race other classes of boats in our general handicap racing in our dedicated race series such as Frostbite, Cadet Week and Reid Scott.


The Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to the age of 15 or 55kg

Primary training boat used at the club, the club owns 30 boat to support training plus three that are available for general use on the lake

Wide range of makes available from training versions to advanced race versions

Prices range from £300-3000


Recently introduced to the club, next step up from the Optimist

Suitable for older cadets who are new to sailing and won’t fit in an Optimist can cope with crews upto 70kg

Available in two rigs, Sport and Pro

Prices range from £800-4000


The club has a large fleet of Toppers, was the primary training boat after the Optimist

Two versions

Topper 4.2 (smaller sail) recommended weight 32-47kg

Topper 5.3 recommended crew weight 47-63kg

Club has 4 Toppers that can be used on the river

Prices range from £300-4000


Largest single hander supported by the cadets, Olympic class boat large fleets at the club and elsewhere

Three  versions

Laser 4.7 recommended weight 35-55kg

Laser Radial recommended weight 55-72kg

Laser Full rig from 60kg

Club has one Laser available for loan

Prices range from £300-6000


The club’s designated entry to double handed racing

Double handed dinghy with Assymetric Spinnaker

Combined crew weight 60-100kg

Club has two boats available for loan

Prices range from £1000-5500


Next step up after the Feva

Single Trapeze Boat with Symmetric Spinnaker

Combined crew weight 110-145kg

Club has two boats available for loan

Prices range from £


Large stable multi person dinghy

Club has three boats available for hire

Two with Symmetrical Spinnakers

One with Assymetrical Spinnakers

Can take upto 3 cadets plus instructor

Used for RYA Level 4, Seamanship, Sailing with Spinnakers courses

Club Boat Usage

The club has invested in a range of club boats to support training and to encourage new members to get into sailingThese boats should be seen as a tester to see if your cadet likes the class of boat. If you use a club boat for more than three events then it is generally agreed that you have reached the point where you like the boat and you should be thinking of buying your own.

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